Improve Your English By Boosting

Your Mood

Get much better at speaking English and boost your mood like crazy in a new, very enjoyable way


You'll do it through energising, humorous and deep conversations in English specifically designed around your unique personality and interests.

Whether you prefer private or group sessions, a funny English tutor will always be there to brighten up your day and help you improve your language skills.

And what's even better?

This is a men-only club and you can TRY IT FOR FREE!




You will revitalise your day and feel great after each session

You will skyrocket your language confidence

You will feel understood and appreciated

You will laugh a lot

You will perfect your grammar

You will soothe stress and worries

You will reignite your motivation

You will be stimulated to think differently

You will boost feel-good hormones naturally

You will expand your general knowledge and vocabulary

You will polish up your comedy skills

You will be able to show off sophisticated swear words

You will eventually "think" in English

You will build your self-confidence



You will kiss goodbye to embarassing language mistakes

You will learn together with blokes you like

You will be part of a unique and inclusive online men's club

You will be free to express yourself fully

You will be cheered up when life happens to you

You will be engaged in meaningful conversations

You will be able to give killer presentations in English at work

You will experience a new sense of belonging

You will know what to say to pick up girls abroad

You will likely tell your therapist to get lost

You will get to know like-minded dudes

You will finally understand any English band's cryptic lyrics

You will connect with different cultures

You will experience terrific companionship

In short, your life will be brighter and you'll perfect your English

Last but not least...

You will also be venerated*** by your English tutor

***Seriously now, he's genuinely going to care about you.


Join us now. It's risk-free.

First of all, you can become a member for free.

Just get a taste of whether or not the club is right for you.

This means that after you get accepted into our community, your first session is on us.

So you pay absolutely nothing.

Then, if in the future and for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, not only you’ll get back the money for your last session, but we'll double it.

If you don't quite grab this concept, here's a drawing of what's going to happen if you're dissatisfied and want to leave us.

That's right. If you give us 1X money, you'll get 2X money back.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

By the way, this guarantee does not expire. Ever.

So, what's the catch?

There's no catch, and that's because we know you're going to love it here.

BUT there are some simple criteria you must meet before you're allowed to become part of the community

AND we get to decide if you're truly one of us.

But once you're in, you're in!

BEcome PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE international cLUB

We are a small community, but our members come from more than 30 countries and still counting...



You MUST be a non-native English speaker, but your English level is either B1, B2, C1 or C2. Why? Click here

If you can only say in English "The cat is on the table","What's your job?" or "Dildo", we are sorry to inform you that, unfortunately, you won't be able to enjoy our company. To put it differently, you need to possess a decent command of the English language (at least at B1 level) to have fun with us and improve your English skills.

You are a man. Why? Click here

This is a men's club. While we love and respect all of the women in our lives, it's widely known that men should spend some time with other men to improve their health and quality of life. It's also been "scientifically proven" that taking a break from high-pitched criticism on how a man should conduct his life has potent benefits for their mental sanity. In other words: no women allowed.

You are at least 25 years old. Why? Click here

This is a club for adults, and the topics of our conversations are designed for a mature audience who's already experienced the reality of grown-up life: the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. If you're younger than 25, check us out again when your balls are a bit hairier, and we'll welcome you with open arms.

You have a great sense of humour. Why? Click here

You "might" have noticed (there's a hint of sarcasm here) that our name is: "Jokers' English Club". So, other than improving your English confidence, along with your vocabulary and grammar, the main purpose of this club is to spend some merry time with some equally spirited English tutors and like-minded men. Here, we all like a good laugh, talk about what's going on in our lives, bond with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and even blow off some steam when we are feeling a bit sad, overwhelmed, stressed or downright pissed off at work and/or at home. So, it goes without saying that humour is an essential, constant and integral component of our discussions. This implies you don't take offence when somebody cracks a joke at your expense or uses swear words (please note that we make fun of each other all the time, and some of us tend to swear like drunk sailors!).

You are of good nature. Why? Click here

First of all, we hate bullies. So, if you belong to that category of sub-humans, you can simply fuck off and leave this website immediately. If you're an internet troll and, for some reason, you cheat your way into our club, please rest assured you'll be discovered and kicked out very soon. In any case, good nature, within this context also means that you're willing to lend a listening ear to those who need it and offer words of encouragement when necessary (between one laugh and the other). Ideally, you also have strong values and principles. Most importantly, treating others with respect and dignity is your custom, regardless of their race, ethnicity, and so forth.

You have a direct and honest style of communication. Why? Click here

This can be interpreted in different ways, but in general, it means that you are a straight-talker and don't mince words. Usually, you speak your mind and are honest in how you relate to others.

You're curious, open-minded, and interested in exploring different cultures and points of view. Why? Click here

This conveys the idea that you don't mind exploring and discovering the world around you, asking questions, and seeking out information to satisfy your curiosity. You approach new ideas and experiences with an open mind, without preconceived notions or biases. You're willing to consider multiple perspectives and viewpoints and are not afraid to challenge your own beliefs and assumptions. In other words, you are non-judgmental and accepting of others as you are respectful of different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. Ultimately, you're willing to engage in dialogue and learn from those who are different from you, which is, after all, a fantastic advantage of joining an international community such as this one.

You usually have no problem opening up with other people. Why? Click here

We found out that the best conversations (and solutions to many, many problems) stem from talking about our own personal dreams, ideas, aspirations, desires, passions and even fears, problems and frustrations. You'd be surprised at how much this will help you feel much better. In general, there's no topic for which you wouldn't find some sort of understanding from the group unless, obviously, it were plainly unlawful. At the very least, you look forward to sharing your true thoughts, suggestions and feelings on various topics as they arise during the conversation. Just remember that candour is key.


Think about it...


You're a scroller, aren't you?

We’re truly impressed by your commitment to learn as much as possible about us… But the good stuff is all up there, mate. Since you’re here, maybe check out below something about us?


Hi Mate,

I'm Mario, the guy with that dorky hat pictured above (for sheer vanity reasons, this is an image of a slightly younger me... nowadays, I'm definitely uglier, as my wife likes to remind me).

I'm the founder of the club and its first tutor.

I'm Italian-Australian, still happily married (I know... shocking!), and a father to two fantastic kids.

I've spent almost all of my professional life in marketing, and today I am a growth marketing strategist, digital marketing expert and business growth advisor to dozens of businesses around the globe. I'm also a published author; my first book on growth marketing became a #1 Amazon best-seller and blah, blah, blah...

...I'll stop annoying you with details about me. There will be plenty of time to discuss our lives when we get to know each other.

Instead, I'll tell you why I founded the club and discuss how your life will improve by joining us.

In essence, this is a project born out of passion.

Simply put, I love humour, meaningful conversations and the company of interesting, smart and open-minded people from all walks of life. You know... Goodfellas like you... I also have a quirky "fetish" for the English language (and its grammar).

So, it was just logical to put these things together. Hence, this club was born.

Moreover, being bilingual, I experienced firsthand the enormous psychological benefits of practising two languages.

In my personal view, the ability to master a second language (or third or fourth!) is literally like having an "additional soul". And I strongly believe this is one of the best feelings a person could ever hope to experience in their life.

As a consequence, I set out on a mission to enrich the lives of like-minded men who desire to develop their English skills.

So I created an international online club (but also close-knit) where you can improve their English in an extremely comfortable environment engineered explicitly for men like you.

But I also wanted you to feel a true sense of belonging, where men could be men without restraint and where you could also relieve your worries, stress, sadness and the other issues connected to your normal daily life, especially through companionship and humour.

There you have it. That's how Jokers' English Club came into existence.


Remember, by joining us you have nothing to lose...

...and everything to gain.

We offer a free trial, and you can also take advantage of our unique double-your-money-back guarantee if, in the future, you decide this is not for you. This means you will be compensated just for telling us you don't like it here!

After joining the club, besides dramatically improving your English skills, you're guaranteed to boost your mood like crazy through genuine laughter and meaningful conversations with like-minded men.

The result?

You'll be happier, more confident and more motivated.

You'll feel understood, appreciated and more relaxed.

You'll also soothe stress, sadness and everyday worries.

In other words, with us, you can be your true self, and be applauded for it!